GEORGETOWN, Nov 1 –  Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Expressway Phase III program officially opened on Saturday. In the first day, although much of the traffic using the new road vehicles, but with the addition of new road in Jelutong is expected to improve the level of service from F to D or E grade rating, easing traffic congestion situation.

Penang Island Municipal Council, Deputy Director of Engineering Rajendran noted Jelutong current level of service for the F grade, is the severity of traffic jams, traffic lights for 80 seconds waiting time of vehicles up to 100 meters or even 1 km long, slow the vehicle.  He said that after the opening of the new road, originally had four branch path in the road of Jelutong will be increased to five branch path in the road, the relevant sections of the level of service is expected to increase to D or E grade, traffic lights waiting time can be reduced to 60 seconds.

Traffic lights reduced to 60 seconds

“Jelutong the traffic load has been exceeded, a new avenue to share, so traffic is not overly concentrated.”  He said the new road is not current usage, so it would take to billboards and publicity officer Netcom known manner, just opened a new avenue still need time to let everyone slowly adapt.  He also revealed that the council will soon adjust the time according to traffic lights conversion.

Maintenance management of post Penang Council recently announced road names. Transportation Committee Chairman Chow Kon Yeow at the Penang on Saturday morning accompanied by MPPP officers patrol the new road that the state government has been on the executive council resolved that, once the third phase is scheduled for completion of Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Avenue, the developer IJM Land will be transferred to the management of maintenance to MPPP.

As if someone asked about earlier promulgated a new avenue in the Gazette, he noted that the Council will be in Penang next week, according to the provisions of 1974 12 roads, channels and buildings decree, announced that the new road has been built and opened to the public use, so no need promulgated in the Gazette.

“When the announcement made ​​by the Council of Penang, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng will be invited to attend, and announced the name of the new avenue.” Jelutong Member of Parliament Jeff Ooi pointed out that a new avenue of broad shoulders with foot driveway and sidewalk, I hope people do not illegally parked vehicles or unlicensed stalls put on the hard shoulder, he also hoped that Penang Council’s oversight of law enforcement officers.


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