KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 10 – The 3rd Series of the Auditor-General’s Report revealed that the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) record of retirees and beneficiary recipients under the Veteran Affairs Department (JHEV) was incomplete and not updated. This was following findings that 1,226 retirees or recipients of retirement benefits who had passed away were still receiving pension payments involving RM1.07 million.

According to the report that was tabled in Dewan Rakyat today, an audit analysis on the record in the payment data revealed that in 2012, 769 retirees who had passed away had received pension payments totalling RM600,000. Meanwhile, 457 pensioners, who passed away, were paid RM473,190 last year. However, JHEV in its response dated Sept 22, 2014, said it had cooperated with the National Registration Department since June last year to obtain the current death data that can be matched with the data of JHEV pension recipients, to avoid paying pension to those who had passed away.

JHEV said the payment of retirement benefits must be made based on a copy of the bank account book and pension payment participation system form validated by a bank officer. It is the responsibility of the recipients of the pension benefits to inform JHEV if there were changes in information or problem to the account of the pensioners.

According to the report, an audit analysis found an increase in the cost of RM0.99 million or 44.6 per cent, from RM2.2 million to RM3.21 million in 2013, involving cases of cancellation of ‘Electronic Fund Transfer’ (EFT). “However, until Aug 31, JHEV succeeded in reducing the EFT cancellation deposit account from RM3.21 million to RM2.35 million with a reduction of RM0.86 million,” according to the report.

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