KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 11 – PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS), the largest highway concessionaire lebuh in the country, is now offering special price in efforts to increase electronic toll payment at toll plazas in Selangor. Under the promotion, the crowd may get kad Plusmiles Touch n Go at the price of RM5 in central solemn Plus customers in Batu Tiga Toll Plaza, Sungai Rasau, Subang Alam and Setia so this Dicember.

At the center of this solemn, people crowded chance to get special prices SmartTag at the original price RM120 RM99 directly without the need to add value to their card. Steering PLUS Affairs, Datuk Noorizah Abd Hamid, said PLUS also offers toll rebate 30 per cent to crowded to promote use of electronic payment systems in Batu Tiga Toll Plaza and Sungai Rasau.

“Rebate toll 30 peratus given to users who pay a one-class vehicles using the electronic system at the time instead of the peak (10 am – 3:59 pm and 10 pm – 5:59 am,” he said in a fact here, today. At the peak time of 6 am – 9:59 am and 4 pm – 9:59 night), toll 10 per cent rebate given to users who pay tolls electronically.

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