KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 11 – Young people earning a monthly income of RM2,500 to RM10,000 who have not owned a house are encouraged to apply online for a housing unit under the 1Malaysia People’s Housing Scheme (PR1MA). MCA Youth chief, Senator Chong Sin Woon said there were still many young people, especially from the Chinese community, who were not aware of the PR1MA application which would enable them to own a house each.

“Based on the observations at the nationwide roadshow organised by MCA Youth, many young people had lamented on their inability to purchase a house due to the high cost of living. “There were those who were still doubtful about applying for PR1MA houses as they did not understand the conditions and how to apply,” he said at a news conference held at Wisma MCA, here, Tuesday.

Chong said individuals interested to apply for a PR1MA housing unit should register themselves on the PR1MA official website and to complete the application form before attaching the required documents such as their salary slip and a copy of their identity card. He said MCA Youth would provide more information on the PR1MA application in English and Mandarin through the MCA official website.

He also advised the applicants not to be duped by any quarters claiming to be the application agents and asking for a deposit to facilitate the applications as PR1MA had never appointed any such agent. Chong said that up to September this year, 44 PR1MA projects were being developed, comprising 14 in the Klang Valley, 15 in the northern states including Kedah and Penang, seven in Johor, and three each in the peninsula’s East Coast and Sabah, and two in Sarawak.

“Most of the PR1MA projects are in strategic locations such as near to various facilities like the police station, LRT station and bus stop, schools and shopping complexes. Chong said MCA Youth would hold a briefing on E-Dagang free of charge on Dec 6 to expose the public to doing business online. Those interested to attend the briefing or having queries, should call the MCA Youth Secretariat at 03-22033888.

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