KAJANG, Nov 12 – Selangor flooded again involving the same area two months after a similar incident in Market Hill. Heavy rain for an hour starting around 3:30 pm today resulted in flash floods that affected a total of 50 shops near the market concerned following the overflow of the river Jeluh. District Engineer Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID) Hulu Langat, Roslan Shamsuddin, said the incident stems from the upper reaches of the River Jeluh overflowing into the street, causing increased water depth of 300 millimeters (mm).

“Heavy rains caused large amount of water entering the River Jeluh the already high water level so abundant cause flash floods, however, the water receded after about 20 minutes later,” he said when contacted BH Online moment ago. Roslan said, for long term solutions, study the construction of reservoirs Jeluh River near Kajang Prison was discussed at the federal level.

“Short-term solution will be implemented in December with the construction of the wall in the back of the Kajang market to avoid the same problems recurring in the spillover effects Jeluh River water during heavy rains,” he said. Meanwhile, Director of Corporate Planning Unit and Public Relations Convocation, Kamarul Izlan Sulaiman, said cleanup work will be undertaken enforcement member of the Department of Urban Services and Health Convocation begins tonight.

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