ALOR STAR, Nov 12 – Kampung Sungai Nonang in Simpang Kuala here was hit by a tornado at about 3pm, leaving at least 15 houses damaged. It also uprooted several trees in the affected area. A spokesman from the state Fire and Rescue Department said they received a distress call at about 3.07pm.

Earlier there were two landspout incidents in the state after the first in Pendang followed by in Gunung Keriang and Mergong area here last month.On October 14, heavy rain and strong winds had led to a landspout formation which created havoc in Kampung Alor Besar in Pendang. On October 31, 72 houses were damaged as 30 km/h speed landspout lashed its fury in Gunung Keriang and Mergong.

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