GEORGETOWN, Nov 15 – Float above the George Town World Heritage Site on a hot air balloon on 21stand 22nd February 2015. There will be endless celebrations during the ‘Fabulous February Fiesta’ in Penang as we kick off the ‘Year of Festivals’ in conjunction with Visit Penang Year 2015 (VPY 2015). Brought to your doorstep and organised for the first time, the Penang Hot Air Balloon Fiesta will be the main highlight and start of VPY 2015.

Penang Hot Air Ballon Fiesta will give visitors an opportunity to have a one-of-a-kind experience on a hot air balloon against a picturesque backdrop of George Town World Heritage Site. It will be held for two days, on 21st and 22nd February 2015, from 6am to 9pm at Padang Polo (Polo Ground). There will be 8 local and 3 international flying balloons as well as four tethered balloons.

This event is open to all ages and will include other side activities such as fun inflatable playgrounds, creative workshops, photography competition, kite flying and more! The Penang Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is supported by the Penang State Government with the cooperation of the Municipal Council of Penang Island (MPPP) and Penang Global Tourism.

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