NAY PYI TAW, Nov 14 – Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak hopes of all the people for their support and cooperation to the government when Malaysia took over as chairman of Asean next year. He said that without the support of the people, it is difficult for the government to carry out its role as chairman of the organization of the Southeast Asian region.

“Otherwise, it is very difficult for us to achieve anything you want kitalakukan when Malaysia became chairman,” he told Malaysian journalists after the ASEAN Summit 25th here, today. The Prime Minister said, all parties, including government, private, corporate, media and individuals must provide support for Malaysia’s role, which he regarded as national pride and national missions.

Najib said Malaysia was honored to chair Asean in historic year when the Asean will be declared as an Economic Community. It is our responsibility as citizens of this country to achieve everything we should do as chairman of Asean, “he said. In understanding the importance of the role that will be shouldered Asean chairman of Malaysia, Najib urged the people to appreciate the theme ‘Asean centric Representatives’ proposed Malaysia at the summit.

For the success of the theme, he explained that effective communication plan should be implemented in addition to designing a variety of programs involving leaders, young entrepreneurs, members of parliament and women from Asean member countries. About Asean Summit 25th, Najib said it went well and achieve overall success.

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