PETRA JAYA, Nov 19 – Electricity tariff for domestic consumers in Sarawak will be reduced to 47 percent when the state government revised effective January 1 next year. Currently, the rate for the 100-unit energy consumption is 24 cents per kilowatt (kWh), but with a reduced rate, consumers will enjoy a 18 cents / kWh for consumption below 100 units.

Chief Minister Tan Sri Ramli Satem, said the decline was, on the whole, almost 50 per cent of electricity consumers Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) will enjoy a tariff reduction from 20 percent to over 40 percent. He said, when a total of 70,000 domestic consumers in this country are already enjoying a RM20 subsidy from the Federal Government and with decreased rates of next year, amount to enjoy free electricity will be increased to 130,000 when 60,000 low-income consumers are expected to use electricity under 110 units.

“For 50,000 electricity consumers using 150 units per month, the rate will be reduced by over 40 percent, while 50,000 people are using between 150 to 200 units per month will enjoy a tariff reduction of 30 percent. “A total of 80,000 consumers who use between 200 to 300 units of electricity will have decreased 20 percent, to 50,000, using 300 to 400 units per month will enjoy a reduction of 10 per cent, while 120,000 users who use more than 400 units will get a reduction of between two to four percent,” he said.

He said this in his winding-up on the last day of the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) Sarawak 17th, here this afternoon. Ramli who also holds the finance portfolio abroad, said two main factors that pushed the state government to review the electricity tariff is lower than the cost of energy and success Murum Hydro Dam SEB reduce energy theft activities since 2010. Meanwhile, at a press conference after the conference, Ramli, announced a half-month bonus salary or RM500 for state employees. “We take the same steps with the Federal Government in bonuses and payments will be made in January,” he said.

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