KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 21 – Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak hope the quality of education in this country will be among the best in the world through the changes being advocated government. He said the government, through the Education Development Plan 2013-2025 is being undertaken, aimed at transforming the country’s education system.

“It’s so individuals can produce more creative, capable of thinking and be able to compete in a more competitive world,” he said through his radio broadcasts in www.najibrazak.com his blog on Friday. Najib said the government realized that the country’s education system must continue to be improved to produce individuals knowledgeable, ethical, and have higher competitiveness.

“In the history of our country, in 1996, when I became Minister of Education, has done a great reshuffle in the state education system, such as enabling role of private education expanded. “I hope that with the changes being advocated by the government will make the quality of education, especially in national schools better and among the best in the world,” he said.

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