KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 23 – The best way to achieve national harmony is to eradicate all racialism and share the economy and national stability. Times should revert to just after the racial clashes on May 13, 1969 when Malay leaders were extraordinary and willing to share power and the country’s riches with all races.

This was the view forwarded by former Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in his speech read by his his former political secretary, Tan Sri Aziz Shamsudin to about 1,000 participants from 360 Malay non-governmental organisations at the National Unity Convention at Pusat Islam here today. Dr Mahathir said during the British era, the races were divided and they worked in specific fields and this ensured there were no racial clashes.

“However, such segregation is not suitable for a country which has achieved independence. “National unity can only be achieved if all races live and work together and forget their origins.” He said if the concept of sharing was disregarded, there would surely be racial problems. “What is worst is there are races which are far poorer than another which is far richer.

“Based on history, sooner or later, there will be problems within these groups and there is a possibility that racial unity will not materialise. “As what occurred during the French Revolution, Russian revolution and the spread of socialists and communist teachings at one time. “In view of this, we must hold strong to the concept of sharing if we want to see national unity achieved.” Dr Mahathir was unable to be present as he has not been well lately. In his speech, he also thanked the organisers for giving him the opportunity to speak and all who were praying for him.

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