Umno Offers ‘Politics Of Service’ – Khairy



KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 23 – Umno’s ‘politics of service’ aimed at solving the problems of the people, is the strength of the party, which cannot be equalled by any opposition parties. Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin said Umno provided the best services in solving every small or big problem which involved the national policy.

“We never say no, always say yes to every request from the people. We prioritize service because this is our tradition, Umno’s strength is the service to the people,” he said when interacting with 240 student leaders, both local and abroad, at the 2014 National Student Leadership Conference (Pemanas) today.

Meanwhile, Khairy’s approach in sharing his experience and knowledge in politics with the student leaders succeeded in attracting their attention when they responded positively towards Umno after listening for more than an hour to Khairy’s explanation.

Khairy also shared various ideas and tips to become a leader and politician of calibre and also invited them to be together with Umno in rejuvenating the party. Meanwhile, Khairy told reporters after the conference that Umno must give more opportunities to the young to become leaders.

He said Umno must also do so as proof that the party fulfilled its promise to the youths in rejuvenating the party. “It would be difficult to attract young voters, especially in towns, if Umno did not give an opportunity to the young generation to become leaders,” he said.

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