CAMERON HIGHLANDS, Nov 24 – Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has instructed the Tanah Rata District Office to take immediate action against the culprits of a farm that has been illegally extended.In his visit to the farm in Habu, Muhyiddin seemed dismayed how the farm’s operators could illegally extend the allowed land space when it was located along the main road.

The Temporary Operating License for the land states that only 0.404 hectares of the land can be utilised but the farm’s operators had opened up another 0.350 hectares of land. Garden structures and crops were located on the illegally extended portion of the land. Muhiyiddin instructed the land office to lodge a police report so that investigations could begin.

“After that, I want the land sealed and the illegal structures torn down.” Muhyiddin also said that the police investigation would help determine who the culprit was. It is understood that the land owner said he was unaware of the encroachment and illegal extension.

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