PETALING JAYA, Nov 24 – A heavy downpour earlier this evening caused massive traffic crawl for motorist headed to wards Shah Alam/ Klang from Subang Jaya, after water level rose to almost one metre near the interchange. A Subang Jaya Municipal Council spokesman said the flash flood which occurred at a U-turn (which converges to the Shah Alam/ Klang and Lebuhraya Utara Selatan road) completely submerged two lanes.

“The three lane road was narrowed down to a single lane, due to the water level,” he said.  Motorists using the road, mostly those returning home after work were caught in a massive traffic, which lasted slightly more than an hour.  The spokesman said at about 8pm after the rain, the water subsided.  “Traffic had improved by then but was slow moving with two lanes in use,” he said, when contacted.

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