Venice, Nov 24 – The inaugural Malaysia Biennial 2015 will bring together more than 500 global experts in various fields to submit new concepts and ideas on improving and addressing contemporary challenges faced by the People’s Housing Programme (PPR).

Spearheaded by three entities, namely, Gain Green Corp Sdn Bhd, property marketing consultancy firm, Nextdor Property Communications Sdn Bhd and architecture firm Betty and Wolff, the Malaysia Biennial is an international multi disciplinary collaborative research project, designing visionary ideas for future evolution of cities and communities.

The project, launched here on Saturday night, will see collaboration by architects, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, economists, artists, urbanists, philosophers and students, with the aim of shaping new standards for low cost housing.

Speaking at the launch, the Director of Malaysia Biennial 2015 Mohamad Lutfi Johari said the project would look into improving both the cost of developing low cost housing and ensuring a conducive living environment for the families living there, through creative design and efficient planning.

“We are proud to collaborate with the Urban Well Being, Housing and Local Government Ministry. “With a number of challenges in building PPR developments, we proactively want to challenge the global architecture community to see how the incorporation of new technologies and design concepts can provide a series of templates and concepts for the government to utilise in the development of future PPR projects,” he added.

Lutfi said two locations, one in Dengkil and the other in Labuan, have been identified as case studies for a research project. Artistic Director and Curator of the Malaysia Biennial 2015, Prof Dr Tom Kovac said the project is architecture’s most global gathering. “It’s where thousands of people interested in the future of Malaysia will meet and learn. We are confident of seeing many interesting and actionable possibilities,” he added.

The Malaysia Biennial 2015 which is slated to take place in early May next year, will also include exhibitions, a symposium and online collaboration modules, with leading international architecture schools. It will also feature collaboration between universities and research leaders under the directorship of selected innovative international architects.

An exhibition will be held at the KTMB Kuala Lumpur Railway Station to host the final outcome of the project in August next year, with an interactive “live lab” series, to reflect on the development and findings of the project.

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