Selangor Tables RM2.4 Bil Budget For 2015



KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 24 – The Selangor state government tabled a RM2.4 billion state budget for 2015, the biggest amount in its history and an increase of over half a billion ringgit from last year’s expenditure. Menteri Besar Azmin Ali said the state’s total revenue is expected to increase to RM1.97 billion from RM1.85 billion in 2014, reported web portal Malaysiakini today.

Azmin was also quoted as saying that the state government has estimated a deficit of RM450 million. “Selangor’s revenue for 2015 is estimated to increase by 6.49 percent to RM1.97 billion from RM1.85 billion in 2014.”

“Based on the state government’s strong and convincing financial position, the state government has proposed an estimated RM2,422,500,000 to accomplish all of the state government’s plans especially for programmes aimed at the people’s well-being,” he said when tabling the budget at the Selangor State Assembly in Shah Alam .

Out of the total RM2.4 billion, RM1.29 billion (53.19 percent) will be used for Selangor’s operating expenditure while the remaining RM1.13 billion (46.81 percent) will utilised for development purposes. In 2014, Azmin’s predecessor Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim tabled a RM1.85 billion state budget where RM625 million was used for development plans.

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