SHAH ALAM Nov 25 – Former Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim has hit back at his successor Mohamed Azmin Ali for spinning facts that the previous budgets tabled by him (Abdul Khalid) were deficit budgets, as they included Supplementary budgets. In a statement issued today, Abdul Khalid said that the claims made by the current state administration were untrue and malicious in intent.

“It is as though the state government administration has decided to make a negative impression of me regarding the practise of fiscal and financial management during my term as Menteri Besar. “In my opinion, there are certain parties who do not understand or comprehend how to practise good, efficient and effective financial practices.”

The recently turned Independent-Port Klang assemblyman stressed that while his administration had indeed applied for Supplementary budgets each year, the state’s reserves had never diminished, but always increased each year. “I want to stress that although the previous administration had applied for a Supplementary budget every year since 2008, the state government actually recorded a surplus due to the state revenue exceeding expenses.

“This fact can be checked and verified by the people and has also been confirmed in the Auditor-General’s Report.” Abdul Khalid said the report showed that Selangor’s reserves continued to go on an upward trend, despite the increase in the state government’s expenditure every year. “This shows that the state is not spending beyond its means as the reserves increase in line with increasing expenditure.

It also proves efficient revenue management by the Selangor government.” Looking back at state budgets between 2009 and 2014, he said it was clear that the Supplementary budget was only applied after the government increased its revenue generated through sustainable economic growth and prudent spending. “It is misleading to say that Selangor had tabled deficit budgets since 2008.

“It should be noted that the luxury and benefits enjoyed by Selangor in the 2015 budget is the result of the prudent approach taken by the previous administration.” The Selangor government unveiled its biggest ever budget at RM2.42 billion. Azmin had assured that no supplementary budgets will be needed, albeit recording a deficit of RM450 million.

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