KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 25 – Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the fighter UMNO must resolutely oppose bermanhaj wasatiyyah esktremisme symptoms and militanisme so fast that when it affects young people who want a shortcut to paradise. Consequently, the deputy president, said the party will not compromise with those who try to distort the meaning wasatiyyah that is synonymous with the principle of moderation or moderation of Islam led by adverse ideology of liberalism and secularism.

“We can no longer reside in the polar Bist long to find new solutions to the crisis faced by Muslims today. We need to explore current knowledge and skills to address current challenges. “For me, this is where the importance of scientific tradition in UMNO. UMNO members must add whole treasure chest of knowledge to face the challenges of today,” when opening the Conference on Women, Youth and Puteri UMNO 2014 in the Dewan Merdeka, Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) here, just now.

In addition, he said, Umno needs to address the trend of secularization in Islam with the strong belief and sharpness of mind, not clouded by emotional rigidity. He said that Islamic institutions need to be strengthened, while the enforcement of Islamic law should be reinforced and cooperation with NGOs UMNO Islam needs to be strengthened.

“What is more worrying is that there secularisation trend in religion, that religion is seen in the balance sheet of the Western liberal secular ideology that was plucked from the roots of Islamic law. This trend is growing worldwide. “For example, the Economist magazine last October’s output gives a somewhat surprising about the practice of same-sex marriage is forbidden by Islamic law and also by other religions.

“According to the magazine, in 1950, same-sex marriage is not accepted in almost all countries in the world. However, in just six decades, referred to as” the leap forward “, today 113 countries or 63 percent of the entire country in the world has recognized same-sex marriage in the name of respect for human rights and equality, “he said.

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