PUTRAJAYA, Nov 26 – The overall performance of the 2014 Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) candidates saw a 0.02 decline in Average National Grade (GPN), with GPN of 2.29 this year compared to 2.27 in 2013. Education director-general Datuk Seri Dr Khair Mohamad Yusof said in spite of the decline, the GPN this year was much better than in 2011, when it registered 2.3 points and 2.31 points in 2012 and this should be viewed positively.

A smaller GPN value shows better performance by candidates. Khair said 36,304 candidates, or 7.89%, of the 460,407 candidates who sat for the examination scored straight As this year. “This shows a drop of 1.26% compared to 2013, where 42,646 candidates excelled in all subjects,” he said in announcing the UPSR result analysis at the ministry here today.

In Sarawak, 1,862 candidates scored straight As, a decline of 0.08% from 1,916 candidates last year. State Education Department director Serina Sauni said inspite of the dip, the number of schools with 100% passes increased to 116 from 84 schools last year.

In Terengganu, Education Department Assessment and Evaluation Sector head Mohammed Embong said the state’s GPN increased by 0.06 point to 2.14 from 2.20 achieved in 2013, and this figure was above the national level GPN of 2.29 points. However, the number of students who scored As in all subjects decreased by 1.9%, or 476 candidates, compared to last year.

This year, only 2,563, or 12.1%, of the total 21,099 students scored straight As compared to 3,039 students last year, he said when announcing the UPSR result analysis at the Education Department in Kuala Terengganu today. “Based on the analysis, the main factor for fewer students scoring straight As was their performance in the Science subject, where 1,286 students, or 55.70%, scored 4As 1B as they only managed a B in Science.

“Nevertheless, the UPSR results this year are the best achievement in 14 years in terms of good scores with minimum of Grade C for all subjects and an increase in GPN,” he said. In Perak, 2,847 candidates, or 7.6%, of the 37,479 who sat for the UPSR scored As in all subjects this year. State Education director Mohd Idris Ramli said the percentage of candidates achieving excellent results, however, saw a slight decrease compared to 8.49% last year.

In Negeri Sembilan, 1,833, or 10.5%, of the 17.510 UPSR candidates achieved excellent score of 5As or 7As. State Education deputy director Pkharuddin Ghazali said in terms of scoring all As, the gap between urban and rural students decreased from 4.4% to 3.5%. Kelantan recorded a commendable performance in the UPSR this year when the state attained a GPN of 2.16 points, better than the national GPN of 2.29 points.

State Education Department deputy director Ab Aziz Abdullah said the state GPN remained the same as last year. A total of 3,600 UPSR candidates, or 11.15%, of the total of 31,987 candidates in the state scored As in all subjects, he said in Kota Baru today. In Selangor, only 6,593 candidates or 7.76 per cent of the total of 85,392 scored A in all subjects, a drop of 1.63 per cent over last year’s figure.

According to state Education director Zainuren Mohd Nor, 7,914 candidates excelled in all subjects last year. He said the state’s average grade showed a 0.04% increase with an achievement of 2.22 this year compared to 2.18 points last year. In Sabah, 1,231 of the 44,427 candidates were tops in the UPSR, an increase of 0.14% over last year’s achievement.

State Education director Datuk Jame Alip said in terms of GPN, Sabah registered an improvement with 2.71 points, compared to 2.76 last year and this was the best attained in five years. In Johor, there was a drop of 1.12% in the number of candidates with straight As, to 4,811 this year from 5,533 last year. In Kuala Lumpur, the number of students with excellent results this year decreased by 1.88% with only 1,681 candidates compared to 2,108 last year.

Federal Territory Education director Datin Nawal Salleh said the territory’s average grade also declined by 0.05 point to 2.21 points registered this year from 2.16 last year. In Kedah, the overall percentage of passes increased by 2.19%, while 2,831 of the 34,623 UPSR candidates obtained As in all subjects. State Education director Datin Azuyah Hassan said the state’s average grade, however, declined to 29.2 points from 27.2 last year.

The overall passes for rural schools was 65.74% and for urban schools, it was 75.29%, showing a narrowing in gap between rural and urban schools in the state. In Malacca, there was a slight drop in the overall UPSR performance when it registered a GPN of 2.15 compared to 2.13 point last year, said Malacca Education director Datuk Md Rashid Hussin.

He said the number of top UPSR candidates also dropped to 9.21%, with only 1,242 out of the 13,714 candidates scoring As in all subjects. Last year, 10.4%, or 1,443 of the 13,917 candidates, scored all As. In Pahang, 2,257 candidates, or 9.22%, of the total of 24,491 scored excellent results, a drop of 1.92% compared to last year, said state Education Assessment and Examination Sector head, Mohd Razali Mustafar. The drop was due to students’ performance in the Science subject which was quite difficult and required a high-level thinking skill, he said.

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