Malaysia Shares Jumped At The United Nations



NEW YORK, Nov 30 – Stocks surged in Malaysia Organization of the United Nations (UN) after nearly a month and a half he was elected as non-permanent member of the UN Security Council (UNSC). Permanent Representative of Malaysia to the United Nations, Datuk Hussein Haniff very busy receiving visits and attend meetings with representatives of other permanent UNSC.

A meeting expected to be held with the permanent representative of the United States kePBB, Ambassador Samantha Power is expected to hold what he described as a ‘courtesy call’ next week. Although Hussein described it as a regular visit, but diplomatic analysts see the meeting as a sign that Malaysia is a member of the UNSC attention even if it does not have veto power.

America, as a rule want to coordinate issues with new immigrants UNSC to ensure smooth cooperation even may not agree on many things. “I actually want to visit Mrs. Power, but I told him I wanted to visit,” Hussein told Bernama. He said many delegates still amazed by the huge margin of choosing Malaysia as Deputy Permanent UNSC No, 187 of the 192 votes, and excited to learn how to win the support of Malaysia.

“Although our two-year term in the UNSC formally commenced January 1, 2015, we attended the proceedings as observers UNSC since 21 November. “Senior staff and I take turns to attend because only one staff member can attend UNSC proceedings. The transition period allows us to follow the complexities faced by UNSC,” said Hussein, adding “the world is facing more cries today than ever before and this means more work for us all “.

He said Malaysia would be the Asean chair in 2015 will also chair the ASEAN Committee in New York and expressed the view Asean group. The delegation also explained the three pillars that contribute to the stability of Asean, namely political and security factors, economic and socio-cultural. He’s permanent representative to represent Malaysia in the fourth UNSC said Malaysia would articulate global issues in UNSC “because we have chosen to do so”.

Malaysia according to Hussein has recognized outstanding achievements cards UN through the UN Millennium Goals 2015. “We will try to achieve peace and security through simplicity while working in the Security Council,” he said. He said Malaysia has been leading efforts to ensure the success of two resolutions which he described ‘non-controversial’ and has the potential to get consensus.

The first is related to the recruitment and use of children in armed conflict and the second on women, peace and security. “Due to the nature of the non-controversial, both resolutions can be easily accepted. But this does not mean that Malaysia will not raise a controversial issue,” he said. “Another issue of concern to us is the Palestinians who retained almost 70 years. If we do not address this issue, it will create a situation worse.

To extend this issue is not wise. “We want the Security Council to play a role not only in Palestine but other countries such as Syria, Libya, Yemen and others, because if we do not give hope to people, they usually join the conflict (in their country) and make the situation worse,” clear Hussein.

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