Belgian Police: Hostage Held By Armed Men


The armed men have been holed up in an apartment in Ghent for a number of hours and a wide cordon has been set up.  Four armed men have entered an apartment in the Belgian city of Ghent and taken at least one person hostage, it has been reported.  Police were called after the men were seen entering a building in the Dampoort district of the city on Monday morning.  A spokeswoman for prosecutors said that the suspects have taken a man hostage there. Police have created a wide cordon around the area and say they do not know what the suspects’ intention is. At first sight, it did not appear to be an act of terror, said federal police spokeswoman Annemie Serlippens. “There appears to be nothing political. And it does not seem to be going that way.” Local media reported that there was another hostage incident in Ghent, linked to extortion, two months ago.

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