KOTA BARU, Dec 27 – Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said for the time being there is no necessity for the federal government to declare a disaster emergency for Kelantan, after taking into consideration the implications involved. “If the government announces an emergency, the implications that will arise include insurance companies being absolved from paying compensation… and compensation arising from damage to properties and vehicles is enormous.

“That’s why if we declare (an emergency), this means it includes the ‘force majeure’ category, and insurance companies need not pay compensation (in this case),” he said after making an observation by air of the districts severely affected by the floods such as Tumpat and Tanah Merah.

In addition, the Prime Minister said all efforts had been intensified fully as though the situation was an emergency, and the relevant agencies had been directed to further enhance rescue efforts and increase aid. Asked on the estimated value of damages throughout the country as a result of the disaster, he said an evaluation could not be done yet as the flood had  not fully receded.

At the same media conference, Najib said that he was proud and thankful for the strong commitments and sacrifices shown by all members of the security forces and civil service who had been working during the disaster. Earlier, Najib arrived at Sultan Ismail Petra Airport in Kelantan at 1.40pm.

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