SINGAPORE, Dec 28 – Friends and relatives of passengers on the AirAsia Indonesia plane that vanished on its way to Singapore from Surabaya, Indonesia were ushered quickly into a holding room in Changi Airport on Sunday morning. Airport staff and auxiliary police officers cordoned the area on the third floor of Terminal 2 at Changi Airport from the public.

Screens later went up to block the view of the area, as onlookers gathered for a look. A group of four men leaving the room told reporters they were from the Indonesian Embassy here and had been briefed on the situation. Most of the the 162 passengers on board the plane are Indonesians. At least one Singaporean, who has yet to be named, was on board the plane.

A middle-aged Indonesian woman living in Singapore, who did not give her name, said four of her relatives are on board, including two teens aged 12 and 17. The flight was carrying seven crew and 155 passengers, and lost contact with air traffic control at 7.24 am. The passengers include 138 adults, 16 children and one infant.

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