Animals In Need Of Rescue Too



KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 28 – As the authorities struggle to get food, medical supplies, clothes and money to the human victims of the crisis, animals have been seen stranded on rooftops, trees and even drifting away in the currents. But for one man with a strong affection for the feline kind, there was no doubt in his mind about saving them from the unrelenting waters.

Skuad Penyelamat Kucing, or the Cat Rescue Squad, the brainchild of former Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK) student Mohammad Zohiruddin Zulkifli, is an independent effort that draws what funds and equipment it can from committee members and volunteers.

“We save and move stranded cats to safer locations. After coming up with the idea on Thursday, we went to Pengkalan Chepa and rescued cats there. “When our efforts were publicised, we began receiving calls from cat owners to help find their pets,” he told the New Sunday Times yesterday.

Zohiruddin, 23, said so far, they had rescued 19 cats, 13 of which were pets. The rest were strays. “We put them at a volunteer’s home in Taman Kurnia Jaya. She is taking care of them for now,” The squad comprises 14 volunteers, Zohiruddin said. Many of them are former or current students of UMK, some of whom are veterinary majors. 

“We will continue doing this even after the floods recede, seeing as to how many cats will be displaced. For now, we are doing what we can to deliver cat food to evacuation centres in Pengkalan Chepa. “We are an independent group, so we use our own money and vehicles. We cannot do too much without funding. It would be great if other organisations helped animals, too, if they can.”

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