Indonesia Might Need To Continue SAR Efforts Tomorrow


KUALA LUMPUR: Indonesia has deployed seven of its planes, which have arrived at the location believed to be the last location of the missing AirAsia Flight QZ8501. Indonesia’s Air Ministry director general Djoko Murjatmodjo, however, said the coordinates are based on the radar data before it lost contact with the air traffic control. “Please note that we still do not know the exact location as everything is just based on the coordinates. “The planes have arrived in the area but they have not found anything significant,” Djoko told a press conference in Indonesia this evening.

He also said the SAR efforts is now limited by time. “It is evening now, and it will be nighttime shortly. If we are not able to find anything, then we have to continue our SAR mission tomorrow,” he said. Djoko said Indonesia has deployed its maximum assets for the SAR and is thankful for the assistance from neighbouring countries. “The more help we can get, the faster we are able to find the plane,” he added.

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