DUNGUN, Dec 30 – The government has no control over the sharp rise in the price of goods in Kelantan but is trying to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism (KPDNKK) must ensure that supply of basic foodstuff such as rice, flour, sugar and cooking oil is increased.

“We (government) have ordered them (KPDNKK) to ensure that food supplies reach their destinations. “Since many areas are still flooded, the dealers will face many barriers,” he said when asked about the high price of goods sold in Kelantan. Many people have gone online via social site Facebook and Whatsapp to complain about the excessively high price of goods in Kelantan.

Petrol is sold at RM15 per litre, chicken at RM38 each, instant noodle at RM10 per packet and 1.5 litre mineral water at RM8 each. Muhyiddin said during floods, the gas dealers cannot deliver the gas as the roads are inundated have to wait for the water to recede.

“We have urged the state committees to report their needs and if there is no obstacle in terms of facilities and infrastructure, we will deliver them. “The high price of goods is normal because the roads are cut off. Supply becomes difficult resulting in higher cost of transportation.

“For example, vegetables from Cameron Highlands cannot reach the flooded areas. They cannot use air transport as it is costly. “Because of this, the traders will sell the limited supply of goods at high prices.” He urged the traders to be considerate and not sell the goods at excessively high prices.

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