QZ8501: Eight More Bodies Found



PANGKALAN BUN, Jan 2 – Eight more bodies have been found in the seas of Pangkalan Bun early today, making it 16. However, only two have been picked up from ships anchored some 100 nautical miles from here, due to stormy weather. The two bodies, a man and a woman, arrived in Pangkalan Bun here at 9am today.

Indonesian Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) executive director, Brigadier-General of Police Dr Arthur Tampi said the woman was found clad in blue long pants, sleeveless white shirt and a diamond ring on her left ring finger. “The man was found wearing a shirt but without pants. He also wore a diamond ring on his left ring finger,” said Dr Arthur, when met at the Sultan Imanuddin Hospital where the bodies were kept.

The bodies are expected to be flown to Surabaya later today. No identification documents were found on them. Dr Arthur said the DVI unit would work to get their fingerprints as part of the identification process. “Although the bodies are bloated and physical identification can difficult, we will try our best.”

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