Flood-Affected Schools In Kelantan To Open If Half Of Their Classrooms Are Ready



PUTRAJAYA, Jan 9 – Schools that were affected by the floods in Kelantan can begin the 2015 schooling session if more than half of their classrooms are ready to be used, said Second Education Minister Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh. “For example, if the school has 10 classrooms and five of them have been cleaned, then we assume that the school session for this particular school can begin this Sunday,” he said.

Speaking to reporters after the launch of the Education Ministry’s flood relief fund here Friday, Idris said 79 per cent, or 130 of 165 schools affected by the floods in Kelantan were ready for the new schooling term. Idris said all 30 schools in Pasir Mas and 19 in Kota Baharu had been cleaned up and were ready to open.

Meanwhile, in Tumpat, 26 of the 27 schools in the district had been cleaned, he said. In Tanah Merah, 13 of 20 schools in the district were cleaned, while in Gua Musang, only five of its 11 schools were ready, he said. In Kuala Krai, 33 of 51 schools had been cleaned up while in Machang, only four of seven schools were ready to be used, added Jusoh.

He said he would be visiting SMK Kampung in Tumpat and several other schools when the new school session begins this Sunday. Idris informed that the volunteers in Kelantan were working hard to enable schools affected by the floods to open by Sunday. He added that new furniture would be sent to affected schools as soon as possible, while the sending of text books would take three to four weeks as they had to be reprinted.

He said the ministry had spent RM17.2 million to date on mobilising and sending equipment to volunteers who had gone to help in clean-up works in the flood-affected states. Speaking on the development in Terengganu, Idris said all the schools there were ready to open this Sunday. “However, it all depends on weather conditions until this Sunday,” he added.

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