KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 9 – Johor has been hit by floods again and four relief centres were opened in Segamat to provide shelter for 130 evacuees from 35 families. This new development has caused the overall number of flood victims in the country to rise to 17,719 people tonight as compared to 17,628 in the evening.

Meanwhile, PAHANG recorded a drop in the number of evacuees to 11,697 people tonight as compared to 11,736 earlier. They are at 56 relief centres. The was no change in the situation in Perak, Kelantan and Terengganu where the evacuation figures remained the same as in the evening.

In JOHOR, the state’s Disaster Operations Control Centre said as at 8pm, 32 people from Mukim Gemereh were evacuated to Balairaya Kampung Batu Badak while 91 victims in Mukim Labis were moved to Balairaya Kampung Segamat Kecil.

Five people from Mukim Buloh Kasap were evacuated to Balairaya Kampung Spang Loi while two victims in Mukim Buloh Kasap are being sheltered at Balairaya Kampung Mensudut Lama. The centre also stated that Jalan Jabi-Bukit Tempurung in Segamat is not passable.

In PAHANG, a Pahang police headquarters flood operations room spokesman said Pekan had 7,039 evacuees, Maran (2,618), Kuantan (1,012), Temerloh (572), Rompin (366)and Bera (90).

In PERAK, the number of evacuees remained unchanged as at 5pm with 3,424 people from 900 still at 17 shelters. A National Security Council (MKN) spokesman said Perak Tengah had 2,666 evacuees, Hilir Perak(424), Hulu Perak (164), Manjung (155) and Kuala Kangsar (15). 

In KELANTAN, an MKN spokesman said 2,440 people from 518 families still remained at 27 relief centres with Gua Musang having 1,157 evacuees, Kuala Krai (1,090), Machang (100) and Tanah Merah (93).

In TERENGGANU, only 28 evacuees from seven families sheltered at orang Dewan Orang Ramai Batu 14 Kuala Tayor and Masjid Kampung Batu 14 Kuala Tayor have yet to return to their homes.

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