KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 10 –  Several dog lovers who donated money to Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue (Miar) are now crying foul after receipts were not issued to acknowledge their donations. The NGO, headed by animal activist Puspa Rani was recently in the spotlight after former committee members had accused her of having misappropriated close to RM400,000 in funds.

A donor, Pooja Stanslas, who had been regularly donating to Miar from early 2012 to 2013, said she had never been issued a single receipt for her donations amounting to nearly RM1,000. “I have asked Puspa countless times about it (receipts), but she always gave excuses that she was busy as she was handling everything alone.

“I even got my friends from overseas to donate to the cause. They have also not received any acknowledgement for their donations. “When I pressed Puspa on the matter on Miar’s Facebook page, she blocked me,” writer cum copy editor Pooja told The Rakyat Post.

Another donor, who only wanted to be known as Bella, said she was also given a similar treatment after donating RM1,000 to Miar, from Nov 2013 to last Thursday. Her donation on three separate occasions were not acknowledged by Puspa despite her numerous attempts to do so via the social network and Whatsapp.

“I just transferred RM200 on Thursday (Jan 8) and after learning about the allegations (against Puspa), I can only blame myself for being so stupid,” said Bella, who also called for NGOs to be transparent with their donations. The 3-year-old Miar is currently being probed by the police and the Registrar of Societies (RoS) following a string of allegations against it.

It is learnt that Puspa had been seeking donations from the public through a third party account, listed under the name of Tejnarayan Rajbansh, who is believed to be a worker in the NGO. Meanwhile, former treasurer Debra Sharmaine Nathan, who claimed she had evidence that Puspa had misappropriated RM393,300 of the NGO’s funds, said receipts were always issued when she was volunteering with the NGO.

“I used to issue receipts for every donation received when I was volunteering for the shelter in Kajang. “However, all the money for which receipts were issued were then passed to Puspa as she banked in the money, herself,” said Debra, who was the treasurer from 2012 to Dec 2013. For those who banked in their donations, receipts were usually posted or sent via Whatsapp messages. TRP’s efforts to contact Puspa proved futile.

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