BENTONG, Jan 11 – The Bentong-Raub stretch has been closed to all vehicles due to severe soil erosion caused by strong river currents below a bridge in Kampung Baru near Bentong town. District police chief Superintendent Mohamad Mansor Mohamad Nor said the stretch was closed about 4.30am today as the bridge was unsafe and there were massive signs of erosion.

He advised those travelling from Bentong to Raub to use the alternative stretch (Karak Highway – Kampung Cinta Manis – Sertik/Mempaga – Lebu – Raub or Sertik – Krau – Raub). A district Fire and Rescue Department spokesman said the soil under the bridge was washed away by strong currents after the river water breached the dangerous level last night.

Detour route signs have been installed to direct traffic to use alternative roads to Raub, Lipis and Gua Musang, Kelantan. The bridge has been the main link for residents here to travel from Ketari and Benus to Bentong town.

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