KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 11 – The Inspector-General of Police of Malaysia Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar has denied that France’s terror duo involved in the Paris kosher grocery store massacre had entered Malaysia for a holiday, as reported by CNN. Khalid wrote that checks by Royal Malaysian Police proved that the duo had never been to this country.

Yesterday, CNN reported that Amedy Coulibady, the gunman who was shot in a hostages-taking episode at the store located in Eastern Paris on Thursday, spent his holiday in Malaysia with wife, Hayat Boumeddiene. The channel also reported that Coulibaly had filmed and photos during his trip here, along with letters seeking false official letters. A colossal manhunt has been launched to track Boumeddiene who is now a fugitive and topped the list as France’s most wanted female.

Coulibaly is one of three terrorists who brought the city of love, Paris to a standstill in 48-hour bloodshed. The 26-year-old Algerian Boumeddiene was on the run and considered ‘dangerous’ and ‘armed’, CNN reported. Coulibaly was killed by police commandos along with four other hostages in a Jewish supermarket in Paris.

The Daily Mail reported that Coulibaly and Boumedienne had married in a religious ceremony and not in a civil proceeding – the only marriage legally accepted in France. The report also stated that after tying the knot, Boumedienne “devoted herself” to him. Inquired by police four years ago, Boumedienne was reportedly saying that her husband and their radical counterparts had fueled inspiration for her to “read a lot of religion books”.

She reportedly told police, “because of this, I came to ask questions on religion and …  “when I saw the massacre of the innocents in Palestine, in Iraq, in Chechnya, in Afghanistan or anywhere the Americans sent their bombers, all that… well, who are the terrorists?” The Daily Mail also reported that neighbours cited the couple as “quiet”, “respectful” and “normal”.

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