KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 14 – While a picture depicting a “harmonious gay family” took the Internet by storm earlier today, yet another picture has gone viral, reportedly taken from a Year 5 Health Education workbook. In a Facebook posting by PenMerah.com, a photo was uploaded by a user Ustaz Syed Bakri showing the picture explaining to children about sex.

The picture was uploaded late this afternoon and gained 2,662 likes as of 7.30pm, with 179 reader comments and was shared 60 times. The majority of the netizens felt that the picture was not suitable for viewing by 11-year-olds. “Should not be exposed so early about @#$% to kids as it may negatively influence their brain development … hope others will rethink on such subjects,” said user Hisyamuddin Mohd Nor.

Roslina Othman opined that: “Its not suitable for 4-year olds … later they will ask all sorts of questions at home, and the parents will not know how to answer.” Still, there are those who think that such education can still be taught to schoolchildren. “For me such exposure is not a bad thing for students, but more of a knowledge (Sex Education) in the right way.

“Students in Malaysia should be given exposure according to their age, to prevent negative things from happening in future. “I’m sure such education will not be incomplete, but with proper explanation on what is right and wrong. “They know nothing, it is up to us including parents to teach them what is right and wrong,” said Mohd Nakirudin Muhamad Nor.

He added sex education should also be given at home for the sake of the future generation. He said people should think what would happen if there was no proper sex education. Earlier on, a picture which was claimed to be from a school textbook, showed the union of two men, resulting in four children.

The story was first picked up by Coconuts KL website, featuring the screenshot of the post by Facebook user “Zul Violet Wind”. The family tree depicted a set of grandparents, going down to a pair of men, and concluded with the picture of four children, with the caption “Harmonious Family”. However, it is unclear which textbook contains the picture. The majority of the comments on the picture, however, noted that it was clearly a case of misprinting.

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