Kelantan Govt To Build 25 Homes First For Flood Victims



KOTA BAHARU, Jan 15 – The Kelantan government will build 16 permanent houses in Gua Musang and another nine in Ketereh at a total cost of RM1 million for flood victims who lost their homes in the recent floods. Menteri Besar Datuk Ahmad Yakob said the building of the houses under the first phase of the programme was made possible through contributions received by the Flood Disaster Trust Fund set up by the state government last Dec 29.

“From the latest information, RM4,774,000 has been collected through the fund. That is why the state government is prepared to build the 16 houses in Gua Musang and nine in Ketereh,” he said at a news conference on the fund at Kota Darulnaim Complex, here, today.

Ahmad said the state government had also identified a 3.6-hectare piece of land in Manek Urai, Kuala Krai for the building of 150 houses at a cost of RM6 million to be funded by the Selangor government. He said the state government through the district chiefs were also identifying houses for rental for three months as temporary accommodation for flood victims.

Meanwhile, the state government has identified 56,472 households affected by the recent floods to receive a one-off aid of RM500 per household from the federal government. Ahmad said the final list of the household heads involved would be submitted to the National Security Council soon for the payments to be made.

Ahmad also said he, his deputy and the other state executive council members would contribute their one month’s salary to the Flood Disaster Trust Fund, while the state assemblymen would give their one month’s allowance to the fund. He also welcomed others to contribute to the fund.

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