SHAH ALAM, Jan 22 – DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd is rebranding itself to be a more customer-centric mobile provider, striving to provide Internet across all platforms as it pulls itself away from a pure voice and messaging focused mobile provider. Chief executive officer Lars Norling said: “Today we cater to majority of Internet customers with one in every two DiGi user having access to Internet and spending approximately three hours a day online.”

He explained that DiGi would base future products and plans for a more consistent Internet experience and social media engagement. “We’re also looking to give our customers better value for money plans as well as building a social media platform and tapping into our wide network of service touch points to better serve our customers.” Lars said that mobile Internet has always been an important growth factor for DiGi moving forward. 

“We have transformed our entire operations to serve our growing base of Internet loving customers. Our new and more stable network enables customers to fully enjoy high quality, always-on, high-speed Internet connectivity. “We have also expanded over 3G network to 86% population coverage, progressively introduced LTE services in more locations and increased fibre network to more than 4,000km nationwide to bring quality experience to more Malaysians.” 

Chief operating officer Albern Murty said: “We are the fastest growing in terms of network and would to continue to grow our network across the country to provide better coverage.” He added that DiGi would continue to drive access to the Internet and bundle it with smartphones.

We are not limited to only top tier smartphones like Samsung and Apple but also to more affordable ones like Xiaomi and Lenovo. The important thing is to provide Internet for all.” Chief marketing officer Christian Thrane said: “Our focus are more on the weekly and daily plans, as those are the most popular products by DiGi. A lot of our customers access Internet to communicate so we feel that’s important to our customers.”

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