Police To Investigate Viral Vocalist Zamani ‘Singing In Lockup’ Video – IGP



KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 22 – Police will investigate and take stern action against individuals responsible in recording and distributing a video clip featuring vocalist Zamani of pop rock outfit Slam when he was in custody, said inspector-general of police, Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar.

Khalid in a recent Twitter post revealed  that the police will take immediate action without fear or favour against responsible quarters involved in the ‘misconduct’. The one-minute-and-21-second clip shows Zamani who became a household in the 90s’ coaxed to sing ‘Gerimis Mengundang’ – the tune popularised by pop rock outfit, Slam with his hands handcuffed.

The video has gone viral since it was uploaded on social media, today. The video shows, the 43-year-old Zamani smiling and obligingly sang the tune. The video has attracted reactions from various social media users who have expressed their sympathy for Zamani. Some Netizens also cited the video as a huge mockery of the singer. On Wednesday, a report stated a male singer was arrested with his female companion of drug abuse in Keramat, here.

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