KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 23 – Going Green! Save The Earth! Recycle! We had heard all about these campaigns over the years, but uncountable harmful activities caused by human is still ongoing. Thus, involvement and actions are more important in saving our mother earth.

“Green Revival Save the Earth 2014” with the theme “To love the earth we live, is to love our home” was a successful achievement and we hope to continue this successful chapter in 2015 and the coming years ahead.

This event has reached out widely not only the students but also the local communities and residents. We believe that the continuous education and involvement in green activities will help change people’s mindset and increase the willingness to save our earth.

Proudly presented to you by Magnum and organized by Mega Ultimate, “Green Revival Save The Earth 2015”  will kick off in February with the aim to sustain the on-going efforts in protecting the environment and revive the earth through a series of activities below in “greeni-fying” the grey-turned earth together with the public.

“If every single person on this earth were to plant 2 trees, that would be enough to greenify this world” said Suzanne Soo, Senior Manager – Marketing of Magnum 4D Berhad. The organizer had announced artists whom will be involving in these meaningful green activities which include Ruby Yap, Zen, Lex Pun, Peace and Mandy. There is also a mystery guest being invited in one of our activities and this will be disclosed soon.



This program was successfully conducted in year 2014 and more than 600 volunteers participated which consist of students, members of local community and Magnum Volunteers came to support the campaign at Bentong, Pahang. Mud Ball Making and River Clean up activities will be jointly conducted with Junior Chamber International Entrepreneur once again in the year 2015.

Our objective is to inspire and educate the local community in other states such as Perak, Malacca and Negeri Sembilan to create a CLEAN, COMFORTABLE and CLEAR environment for our future generations. Through our program, we are able to give the volunteers an in-depth experience on the functions of mud balls in treating pollution and improving the water quality.



Mangroves act as a natural flood retention “sponge” to hold heavy rainfall, thus reducing the occurrence and severity of flooding. It also helps recycle nutrients, remove toxins and sediments. Mangroves play an important role of holding sediment along riverbanks to prevent erosion, and it helps to reduce pollution to marine life.

In addition, mangroves provide breeding and nursery grounds for birds, fishes, seashells, prawns, mud lobster, crabs, and other wildlife. Participants are able to learn how to conserve mangrove and learning through hands-on experience. It is a great opportunity to learn about the importance and function of the Mangrove and Fisherman Community.

In year 2015, jointly conducted by Junior International Chamber Entrepreneur we are moving on to Kuala Sepetang Mangrove Forest, the largest mangrove forest in Peninsular Malaysia, which is also one of the most significant nature reserves in Malaysia.



Paddy run was the first ever green run held in Malaysia and this year it is back again! The Campaign has received overwhelming response in year 2014. Therefore, this year Paddy Run will be at a larger scale compared to last year in objective to encourage a healthy lifestyle society and at the same time to remind our community the importance of safeguarding this piece of beautiful land.

In addition, we are bringing all participants to one of Malaysia’s most spectacular countryside view to a world class paddy field run. Green Revival Save the Earth 2015 is proudly brought to you by Magnum, organized by Mega Ultimate, supported by Junior Chamber International Entrepreneur (JCI) and Pertubuhan Gerakan Belia Bersatu Malaysia Negeri Selangor (GBBM), Official Video Production Mega Visual, Special thanks to Mega Music World, Key Ng and Snips.

For more information, kindly contact Charmaine Foong at 03-9101 5857. You may also log on to www.megaultimate.com.my or visit Mega Ultimate Facebook Page for more event details.


“Green Revival Save The Earth 2015” Schedule

Mud Ball MakingKwan Yin Tong Temple (Perak)7th February 2015
SJK (C) Yuh Hwa, Rembau21st March 2015
SJK(C) Masjid Tanah28th March 2015
River Clean-upSungai Kinta15th February2015
Sungai Rembau4th April 2015
Sungai Baru11th April 2015
Mangrove Seed PlantingKuala Sepetang Mangrove Forest (Perak)6th & 7th March 2015
Paddy RunSJK(C) Yoke Kuan (Sekinchan)24th May 2015
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