KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 29 – The Department of Civil Aviation is expected to hold a press conference to update on the MH370 tragedy at 3.30pm at the DCA headquarters in Putrajaya.  The press conference will be carried “live” over Radio Television Malaysia (RTM). 

The NSTonline team will also be updating readers via our webiste, Twitter account (@NST_Online) and Facebook (@NST Online). On March 8 last year, Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, enroute to Beijing, China ‎with 239 passengers and crew onboard went missing.

‎It last made contact with air traffic control at 1.19am, less than an hour after takeoff. ‎The aircraft disappeared from air traffic controllers’ radar at 1.21am. A massive search mission was conducted with several countries taking part led by Australia. Currently, the operation is focused on underwater search in a 60,000 square kilometre priority area in the Southern Indian Ocean, coordinated by the Australian Joint ‎ Agency Coordination Centre.

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