JITRA, Jan 30 – Sombre atmosphere enveloped the house of the parents to Jee Jing Hang, 41, one of the passengers who perished in the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 tragedy last year. Jee’s mother, Tan Giat Gua, 70, burst into tears as soon as she saw the pictures of passengers and crews aired on television while waiting for the special announcement scheduled to be held by the Department of Civil Aviation at 3.30pm today.

The parents and other family members who gathered at the house, here, were anxious about the announcement as they dreaded that the news would confirm their worst nightmare and crushed the tiny hope that Jee, a programmer who owned a small company in Seremban, was still alive.

Despite hoping to know the truth about the fate that befell Jee, who were described as hardworking, cheerful and thoughtful person, the family heaved a sigh of relief when the press conference by the department was called off.

Jee’s cousin who declined to be named said at least they could continue to cling on to the tiny hope which had kept all of them going since Jee and 238 others on board the ill-fated plane en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing were reported to have perished during the March 8 tragedy. “It might sound impossible but as family, we never stop praying for miracle.

“We were hoping that the government would announce that our Jee was finally found but at the same time we are so scared that the announcement would be a bad news for all of us. “It’s very tormenting and agonising especially for the parents as it has been about a year and this year will be the first without Jee around,” she said when met at the house today.

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