The Grand Opening Of GeneNews Diagnostics Research and Development Facility at Osel Clinic



GEORGETOWN, Feb 8 – Genenews Diagnostics Sdn. Bhd. announces the grand opening of its research and development facility at Osel Clinic, Penang. Osel Clinic is a unique boutique medical clinic with strong focus on wellness, diagnostics and regenerative medicine. It offers sophisticated screening and diagnostic services that have attracted many local and foreign patients from Indonesia, China, Singapore, and Holland, to name a few.

CM Lim Guan Eng was very proud to say that Penang is the leader of medical tourism in Malaysia. Penang contributes to teo thirds of medical tourism revenue in this country. Statistics from Penang Health Association revealed an increase of about 14% in Penang’s medical tourism revenue, from RM320M in 2012 to RM370M in 2013 and the numbers are still on the increase.

Penang healthcare travellers increased from 297,850 in 2012 to 351,673 in 2013. This is in line with the state’s vision to make Penang the number one medical hub in Malaysia. We are happy to welcome GeneNews Diagnostics, which is the only biotechnology company in Malaysia conduction R&D with gold standard FDA (Food and Drug Administration) equipment that scan the whole human genome.

The Research and Development at GeneNews Diagnostics will allow medical science to develop highly effective diagnostics and screening tools, and to create a platform where any disease can be picked out even before it actually happens. As a predictor of disease, this technology points patients to the right speciality for personalised treatment.

For example, ColoSentry, developed by GeneNews Diagnostics, is the world’s first blood-based risk stratification test for Colorectal Cancer, the number 2 killer cancer for both males and females. Professor Dato’ Dr. CC Liew, who is also the founder of the Cardiovascular Genome Unit at the Harvard Medical School, has worked closely with top medical scientists and clinicians to develop this breakthrough technology.

CM Lim was grateful that Professor Dato’ Dr. CC Liew has decided to share this wonderful piece of science with the people of Penang. With history re-writing itself, Dr Wu Lien-Teh, The Plague Fighter that saved China in the 1920’s, is Professor Dato’ Dr. CC Liew’s great granduncle.

Ask the common folk in China of who Dr Wu Lien-Teh is and the answer is that he is China’s hero! That may be true, but the misunderstanding with this claim is that Wu Lien-Teh is actually from Penang and not China. He was born right here in George Town, Penang in 1879. A Queen’s Scholar from Cambridge University, he used western medicine to treat The Great Plague in China.

As the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, Professor Dato’ Dr. CC Liew is another legend in his own right. The big difference between Dr Wu and Prof Liew is that instead of Western Medicine teaching Dr Wu to treat disease in The East, Prof Liew has taught the West, specifically in an important area of Genomic Science, to predict a disease before it even happens simply by using blood.

With the introduction of Version 1.0 of The Multiple Disease Screening product which includes a risk assessment of at least 6 cancers, this would help make Penang a leader in medical diagnostics and screening, further complementing its existing medical tourism industry.

And so with GeneNews Research and Development, we are proud to have this Genomic facility in Penang. In this manner, GeneNews Diagnostics can be used as platform where, together with a combined effort from the clinicians, scientists and academics of Penang, we can nurture and contribute to the advancement of the future of medicine by predicting and preventing disease, not just for the people of Penang and Malaysia, but for all humanity.

And where better in the world to start that in Penang! In closing, CM Lim would look like to thank Professor Dato’ Dr. CC Liew, Dr Thomas Khor and Dr Kris See for their efforts in taking this important step towards a more holistic and preventive management of disease, especially cancer. And as the famous saying goes ‘Prevention is better than cure’.

Penang is proud of this world-class diagnostics and cancer detection facility. As a state that aspires to be an international and intelligent city, Penang must be able to offer world-class services. Today we have taken one step closer to that goal. Thanks to our home-grown and local scientist Dr. CC Liew.


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