KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 15 – Pakatan Rakyat’s Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has made history by being the only leader in the world to be convicted of sodomy twice. Umno’s mouthpiece Utusan Malaysiam through its column Awang Selamat, today supported Anwar’s conviction, saying that the court’s decision has been accepted by the nation who portrayed their maturity when they stayed away from taking part in street protests.

“There were lots of basis to implicate him which the prosecution team led by Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah has successfully proved. “Finally Anwar made history, a leader who has been imprisoned twice for sodomy, overtaking former Zimbabwe’s president Canaan S. Banana’s record who was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment for sodomising his personal assistant Jeff Dube in 1998.

“So far, several organised protests have not received public support with the number of attendees being extraordinarily small. “The public is already bored of street demonstrations and chaos especially when it comes to fighting for a leader facing a serious moral problem.”

Awang added that justice was not there only for leaders but also for ordinary citizens like Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, Anwar’s former aide whom he sodomised seven years ago. Awang went on expressing its discontent over international organisations and governments, including the United States that has taken it upon themselves to interfere in the matters of the country.

“Awang agrees with former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, that the US has no reason to question the Federal Court’s decision, what more to bully Malaysia. “To Awang, this is the consequences when there is a leader like Anwar who likes to invite foreign interference.

For years he had lobbied overseas for power, making too many allegations about the Malaysian government and always trying to gain the world’s support to put pressure on our country just to save himself despite his offence.” Awang further said that the strategies undertaken by Anwar proved successful as was now visible through the foreign government’s attempt to “sodomise” the country’s legal and judiciary system.

The former deputy prime minister’s act of placing the country’s sovereignty at risk, according to Awang, made Anwar guilty of a bigger crime than the one he was recently convicted for. Anwar was on Feb 10 sentenced to five years in prison after the country’s highest court found him guilty of sodomy for the second time.

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