Stop Practice Of Indonesian Women Travelling Abroad To Work As Maids, Says Jokowi



KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 15 – Indonesian President, Joko “Jokowi” Widodo yesterday said that he wants to immediately cease the practice of Indonesian women travelling abroad to work as maids. According to reports in Antaranews Indonesia, he said the move was closely linked to the nation’s self-esteem and dignity.

“I have asked the Manpower Minister to set a target and formulate a clear road map to ensure we stop sending domestic workers abroad. “We should have some self-esteem and dignity,” he was quoted as saying. During his recent tour of Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines, Jokowi said he discovered there were a total 2.3 million Indonesian migrant workers living in these countries — 1.2 million of them with illegal status and considered problematic workers.

“About 1,800 of them have been rescued, 800 have been picked up by Hercules (aircraft), and tomorrow we will pick some more up. “However, I am sure the numbers will continue to grow as we encounter problems in dealing with this issue,” he noted. He expressed hope of being able to immediately stop sending domestic workers abroad.

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