KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 15 – While couples around the world celebrated Valentine’s Day yesterday, others decided to have fun with an Anti-Valentine’s Day Party! It was held at the Happer restaurant bistro, organised by a match-making company, Matchzsticks.

Filled with single women and men, the Anti-Valentine’s party gave singles a chance to make new friends or maybe their potential future spouse. “We just want everyone to have fun and meet new people. “We want them to enjoy the night and not think about not having a partner to celebrate Valentine’s Day with,” said Pagan Chee, organiser of the event.

To keep the single people occupied, Matchzsticks prepared a little bit of fun for them. They were divided into groups, based on their hobbies, and kept together to talk and find mutual interests. “I think it’s great. We are here just to have fun. “I am so glad I came here instead of moping around in my room thinking about still being single.

“Who needs a date anyway to come to a party? “Here, I got to meet new people. “One of them could even be my future boyfriend!” said one of the participants. While talking and eating, the groups were later asked to dance in groups. Of course, there are some who shied away and hid themselves.

Instead of talking about love, as the word was not allowed to be discussed at the party, the participants talked about their interests and daily news. Talking about the news received a ready audience, with many enthusiastically debating and sharing their opinions on current issues, forgetting completely about being single.

“Gloria Gaynor was right. I will survive! “No relationship means no hassle and no drama. “I am very sure one day I will find the love of my life, but for now, I am going to enjoy the night with my new friends,” said another participant, who wished to remain anonymous. The party was testament to the fact that one does not need a date for Valentine’s, instead a reason to just suit up and go out.

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