KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 16 – A group claiming to be Malaysians have emerged on YouTube and have allegedly vowed to “blow up” courts across Malaysia on Feb 18. Under the YouTube page, Isis malaysia 69, the group in an ISIS type recording, complete with face masks, the Malaysian flag and what looked like Molotov cocktails, warned of their act to come. “To all ruling parties that have ruled for far too long, we, Anak Muda Malaysia 2015, announce that your ploy to misuse democracy has driven us to give up with the democratic system.

“We have been formed because of you and your actions. We will start by lighting fireworks in courts on Feb 18 at 11.30pm as a sign of protest of the failure of one of the democratic tools,” the speaker said in the video. The person that spoke in the video went on to explain that the action was a form of protest against the country’s judiciary. “We have just started and will go further. The more of democracy you destroy the further we will go to fight you.”

Meanwhile, when contacted, Bukit Aman spokesman ACP Datin Asmawati Ahmad confirmed that the police were aware of the video and that action was being taken. The one-minute video uploaded on YouTube yesterday had only garnered 350 views so far. Most of the comments on the post were negative, claiming the video and the idea were “stupid”. Rezuan Meskam said: “let see what they gonna do with their big mouth when this vid leaks and someone hunts them down”. Muhamad Azree said: “Stupid people love to do stupid things, keep some stupidity to yourself”.

The video can be watched at:

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