KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 17 – Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said Malaysia is still a country to be emulated for its harmonious race relations compared to some countries which were in turmoil even though they did not have people of various races. However, the Deputy Prime Minister said, the government was aware there were still factions which made unreasonable demands aimed at disrupting harmony.

“They are actually the thorns in the flesh to the development of a Malaysian race. Their aim is solely to disrupt racial harmony in Malaysia and to satisfy their short-term political objectives,” he said. Muhyiddin said this in his Chinese New Year message issued by his office Tuesday.

He said he was confident Malaysians understood the value of the harmony and stability enjoyed by the country all this time. The Deputy Prime Minister urged the public, regardless of race and religion, to pledge to preserve racial harmony and unity through increased awareness and a fresh commitment.

“The formula for national stability and harmony which has been used all this time must not only be defended but also be intensified in the process of racial integration. “There are more benefits for all of us to be obtained from stability and harmony,” he stressed.

Muhyiddin said the formula which had been used by previous and present leaders in managing the differences between the races was key to the country’s prosperity. “The peaceful and perfect lives of the people has been a major pre-requisite which has brought success and progress in Malaysia today,” he said.

Wishing Malaysian Chinese a Happy Chinese New Year, Muhyiddin said the obvious harmony seen during the festival was a reflection of how a plural nation like Malaysia was far more special and successful compared to other countries. He said what was even more interesting and unique was the harmonious atmosphere in Malaysia seen during festive seasons with the practise of visiting each other and the open house concept.

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