IPOH, Feb 18 – The traditional family reunion dinner with next-of-kin is a must during the Chinese New Year celebrations. This is the time when family members gather to exchange pleasantries and catch up with one another after being busy with their own lives and careers.

Previously, dinners used to be held at the home of the most senior member of the family, with each member preparing dishes for the event, Now, however, most families prefer to have the dinners in restaurants or hotels as it was much easier. ‘Yee Sang’ is a traditional dish which will most likely be the main course during these family dinners at restaurants and hotels during the Chinese New Year.

All its main ingredients such as salmon, cut vegetables, chopped groundnuts, ginger, sun-dried oranges, lemon juice, pepper and shrimp crackers will be neatly arranged in a round plate. Many hotels and restaurants were busy preparing menu for the reunion dinners, which included the Yee Sang for guests later this evening.

Syuen Hotel director Maggie Ong said there was a huge demand for family dinners at the hotel this time around, adding that 100 families had already made reservations. “This year, we have prepared 88 tables with three menu sets to choose from, priced at between RM488 and RM988.

Yee Sang will be the main course for all three packages, besides other dishes,” she said when contacted by Bernama Wednesday. Ong said besides food, her hotel had also prepared a two-hour singing performance to entertain guests during the dinner. She said the dinner time would be from 7.30pm to 10.30pm.

Meanwhile, De Mouth Cuisine’s operations manager Debbie Chan said the dinner event at the restaurant would begin from 4.30pm until 10pm and they had prepared eight tables with a capacity of 10-12 people per table. “Previously, dinners used to be held at night but in today’s modern age, the Chinese have begun having it in the evening because some of them may be leaving for overseas after dinner to celebrate the holidays there,” she added.

She said the restaurant, which had been in operation for two years received a much better response from customers this time, as compared to last year. “There are customers who made early reservations, and as of now, reservation for the evening session is full. There are only vacancies for slots between 8-10pm,” she said. She said the restaurant had prepared three menu packages priced from RM368 to RM698.

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