Hot Air Balloon Attract More Than Thousand People At Padang Polo



GEORGETOWN, Feb 21 – Penang Hot Air Balloon Fiesta was kicked off at Padang Polo this morning. This is also the first time a hot a balloon fiesta is being held in Penang. It was attracted more than thousand visitors here. There were three balloons were being made available and that they would be conducting six flights during the two-day fiesta which per session with 180 visitors with numbered tags.

Around 5am, there were  visitors arriving and start to capture photo when the balloonists still set up the balloon. There also a long queue here this morning for purchasing the ticket with a first-come-first-served basis and strictly concept. At 6.30am, there are more than thousand visitors started arriving Padang Polo. There were be 15 hot air balloon in display. In the same time, there were also have 3 special hot air ballon in display such as Green Monster, Darth Vader and Humpty Dumpty.


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