Clarify Issue Of Doing Away With Five Per Cent Discount For Affordable Homes – Youth



GEORGETOWN, Feb 24 – The Penang Umno Youth movement is demanding an explanation from the DAP State Government on the elimination of the five per cent discount for affordable homes for bumiputras. Its chief, Rafizal Abd Rahim said, as a result, medium and low income earners could no longer afford to own homes which were categorised as affordable.

“We understand there is no discount of five per cent for low cost and medium low cost homes. However, it is surprising that the discount for bumiputra is also not given for affordable homes,” he said in a statement here, today.

He was commenting on the action of the State Government which had issued a directive dated Feb 23 to the Penang Municipal Council and Seberang Perai Municipal Council titled “No discount of five per cent on bumiputra lots for low cost houses, medium low cost houses and affordable homes”.

He said the action again proved the bad intention and racist nature of the Penang State Government and a proof of the withdrawal of the special privileges of the bumiputra.

“We deeply regret if the affordable home category is not given a five per cent discount, it will curb the aspiration of the Federal Government in ensuring the agenda of house ownership by the people,” he said. The movement demanded an explanation from the State Government if a 30 per cent quota allocated for bumiputra was still in force, he added.

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