GEORGETOWN, Feb 25 – Penang Mammo Program is an initiative of the State Government of Penang Pakatan Rakyat  in health care for women Penang. The State Government is appreciative of the contributions of women, especially in parenting and educating a family. 

Penang Mammo Program is a health campaign Penang State Government which has appointed BP Healthcare as executor, Penang Women’s Development Corporation (PWDC), Penang Sihat and Pink Penang which is the “Support Group” to breast cancer patients in Penang.

Breast cancer stems from the development of breast tissue cells, uncontrolled. If not detected and treated promptly, breast cancer can spread throughout the body. 19 out of every 100,000 deaths around the world are caused by this cancer only. We know that 1 out of every 20 women in Malaysia are at risk of getting breast cancer in their lives of this life equivalent to 700,000 people.

The implementation of this campaign targeting women aged 35 years and above and have registered as voters in Penang Bridge, which will be identified by Women of every State Assembly (KADUN). This inaugural program cost of RM3 million to implement over the next three years and will begin on February 28, 2015.

PR state government is able to finance the cost of free breast exams that are not made before the State Government for its successful record of affirmative Budget every year. In fact, since 2008-2013, state governments have been recorded a surplus budget of RM453 million.

For the 50 years before 2008, between the years 1957-2007, the cumulative budget surplus was merely RM373 million. This means that the performance of the State in the past 6 years, this is much better than the past 50 years by the State Government before.

The program is expected to continue until 2018 with initial expectations about 23,280 participants. This program will take place on every weekend, Saturday and Sunday. If this program gets overwhelming response, the State Government is willing to undertake this program on weekdays.

With this in mind, the State Government wants to implement the responsibility to raise awareness among women of Penang about breast cancer, at the same time providing free mammograms to women of Penang. This initiative is proof that we really “Love Women of Penang” and this effort is in line with our vision to make Penang as an international civil Clean, Green, Healthy, and Safe.


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