KUALA LUMPUR, FEB 25 – A video of three men clad in black attires and masks threatening to kill the Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar have gone viral on social media, just weeks after another group vowed to ignite firecrackers at courthouses across the country. The video, lasting one minute and 27 seconds, was uploaded under the account Anonymous Malaysia. It featured three masked men seated at a table with the Jalur Gemilang flag in the background.

One of the men read out a statement in Bahasa Malaysia in a digitally altered voice, saying that they would blow up Khalid’s car with him inside to instil fear among the top management officials of the government agencies. “Do you know how countries like United States, Russia and China became developed and respected nations? This is because before they reached a fair and democratic system, their people did not choose a democratic channel to bring down those who protected corruption.

“Can Malaysians change the Elections Commission chairman through democracy? Can Malaysians change the Chief Justice through democracy? Can Malaysians change the IGP through democracy? “No. These humans are the agents who destroyed democracy. “Therefore, we, Anak Malaysia Anti-Democracy (AMAD) announce that we will kill the IGP by blowing up his car,” the man said. The man said that all the chiefs of government agencies will be too scared to cheat democracy as Malaysians will opt for non-democracy. The video ended with one of the man moving two toy cars on the table before igniting one of it on fire, followed by the sound of a massive explosion.

The video titled ‘Reminder to the IGP’ was uploaded on Tuesday and has garnered 7,457 views as at 1pm Wednesday. On Feb 15, a similar video was posted under the YouTube account of “Isis Malaysia 69”,″ which featured four men clad in black attires and ski masks threatening to light up firecrackers at courthouses across the country on Feb 18 as a sign that they no longer believe in the democratic system. The act, however, did not materialised.

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